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Ikeda city (JAPAN). Welcome of wombat(s) is scheduled to be in fall of 2017, the mayor referred.

Ikeda city, in Osaka pref, JAPAN, has its municipal zoo, ‘Satsukiyama Zoo‘. The zoo has three wombats now. The number is half of the number of wombats in Japan. The zoo accomplished the breeding of wombats in 1992 and 1993. These years, the zoo wants to welcome young wombat(s) from Australia. It costs 28 million yen (as well as approx. 250 thousand US dollar) to carry wombat(s) from Australia, to renovate wombats’ house, and so on. On Dec 1, 2016, Ikeda city announced [ref source *1] that they budgeted 13 million yen for these. The rest was 15 million yen. On Jan 6, 2017, The mayor of Ikeda city, KURATA … Continue reading

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