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Wombat MARU passed away (Dec 21, 2019)

Their 2nd CD "SATSUKIYAMA-no-WOMBAT (Wombats of Mount SATSUKI)" (released Jan 31, 2019).

Their 2nd single "YUME TSUKAME (Get Dreams)" (released Nov 1, 2017).

Their first CD "Song of Wombat" (released Dec 23, 2015).

This website is a fan site of Keeper Girls, a Japanese idol group:    Update log@

Keeper Girls(the name is officially written in Latin script) is a female idol music group created in August 2015. The group is from Ikeda, Osaka, Japan and belonged (2015 through 2020?) to Satsukiyama_Zoo, the municipal zoo of Ikeda city.

Their missions

The missions of Keeper Girls are follows:

Keeper Girls project is called "Wombat Dream Project Vol. 2".


Former members

Discography --- 2nd CD "SATSUKIYAMA-no-WOMBAT" (unofficial translation: Wombats of Mount SATSUKI) was released



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