Wombats have come!

Early morning of Oct 4, 2017, 3 wombats arrived in Kansai International Airport, Osaka pref, JAPAN. They will be new residents of Satsukiyama Zoo, in Ikeda, Osaka.

Androo Kelly, Trowunna Wildlife Park (Mole Creek, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA), and Keeper Girls, the idol group of Satsukiyama Zoo:

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Rescheduled, wombats will arrive in Ikeda city on Oct 4

In Ikeda city, Osaka pref, JAPAN, many people have been inviting new wombats, and on Sep 27, 2017, it was scheduled that new 3 wombats arrived in Ikeda, if things went well.

But trouble occured. the arrival was rescheduled.

On Sep 29, 2017, KURATA Kaoru, the mayor of Ikeda city, announced in his official diary in the city’s website that the trouble is almost solved and new 3 wombats will leave Melbourne on Oct 3 and arrive in Ikeda city on Oct 4.

One of reason of the trouble is that the people concerned did not have sufficient idea about the new form of animal’s health certificate between Australia and Japan, which changed in 2016.

This week (from Sep 25 to 29), people including members of Australian Embassy Japan solved the trouble.

Japanese edition

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Keeper Girls’ new song will be unveiled on Oct 22

On Sep 14, 2017, on Keeper Girls’ official blog, they released that their new song will be unveiled on Oct 22.

Their new song is “Yume Tsukame”, “Get Dreams” in English (unofficial translation).

On Oct 22, 2017,
from 9:30am in Satsukiyama zoo: the ceremony for welcoming 3 new wombats.

After the ceremony, from 10:00am to 4:00pm in Satsukiyama park: the 60th anniversary of Satsukiyama zoo, “come and see wombats”.
in this anniversary, from 11:00am, Keeper Girls will unveil their new song.

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Welcome to Ikeda, JAPAN! New 3 wombats will arrive in Ikeda on Sep 27, if things go well


On Sep 12, KURATA Kaoru, the mayor of Ikeda city, Osaka pref, JAPAN, announced that new 3 wombats will arrive in Ikeda on Sep 27, if things go well.

The municipal zoo of Ikeda city, ‘Satsukiyama Zoo‘ announced that it will be closed specially on Sep 27, and the area near its wombats’ house will be closed temporarily after Sep 27 in order that new wombats will get used to the new environment.

Japanese edition

If you would like to know about activities to invite new wombats to Ikeda, please read the following article:

Ikeda city (JAPAN). Welcome of wombat(s) is scheduled to be in fall of 2017, the mayor referred. | TAKAGI-1’s Blog (Jan 15, 2017)

“Song of Wombat” by Keeper Girls, the Idol group of Satsukiyama Zoo.

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Ikeda city (JAPAN). Welcome of wombat(s) is scheduled to be in fall of 2017, the mayor referred.

Ikeda city, in Osaka pref, JAPAN, has its municipal zoo, ‘Satsukiyama Zoo‘. The zoo has three wombats now. The number is half of the number of wombats in Japan. The zoo accomplished the breeding of wombats in 1992 and 1993.

These years, the zoo wants to welcome young wombat(s) from Australia. It costs 28 million yen (as well as approx. 250 thousand US dollar) to carry wombat(s) from Australia, to renovate wombats’ house, and so on. On Dec 1, 2016, Ikeda city announced [ref source *1] that they budgeted 13 million yen for these. The rest was 15 million yen.

On Jan 6, 2017, The mayor of Ikeda city, KURATA Kaoru, announced [ref source *2] on his daily report on the city website that the amount of donation reached 15 million yen on the end of 2016. Then he expressed his thanks and announced that 10 million will be used to renovate wombats’ house and the rest will be used to receive wombat(s) scheduled this (:2017) fall.

* * *

Ikeda city is a sister-city of Launceston city, Tasmania state, AUSTRALIA, since 1965.

Satsukiyama Zoo is consulting with Trowunna Wildlife park in Tasmania since about Jun of 2016. In this consulting, they recognized it’s necessary to renovate wombats’ house. One of the renovation is changing metal mesh surrounding the wombats’ garden to strengthen glass. The renovation cost was estimated 23 million yen. Added to the pre-recognized necessary fund (5 million yen, to carry a wombat), the totally necessary fund became 28 million yen.

In Aug of 2015, Satsukiyama Zoo made their own Japanese pop-music group ‘Keeper Girls‘ for raising funds in order to invite a young wombat. The group released thier music CD ‘Song of Wombat‘ in Dec of 2015. The total profit of activities of the group, as of the end of Nov, 2016, is 3.9 million yen (the fore-mentioned donation, 15 million yen, is including this 3.9 million yen).

The song of Keeper Girls, Song of Wombat.

*1 (Japanese) ウォンバットがいなくなるかも!? ~温かいご支援を~/池田市ホームページ

*2 (Japanese) 池田市長 倉田薫のとびある記 No.3872/池田市ホームページ

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The day, Oct 21, 2015

Welcome to THE FUTURE, Oct 21, 2015. And Congratulations for beginning to sell the fuelcell vicles, MIRAI, in the US. I think the writers of “Back to the Future Part II”(1989) were not able to predict that the cars using new fuel and power system start being sold on the day.

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Galaxy, Fireworks 2013
Dandelion puff, Fireworks 2013

In many places in Japan, in summer, fireworks festivals are held.

Fireworks 2013 – a set on Flickr. These were photos of Inagawa Fireworks Festival (in both riversides of Inagawa River, Ikeda city of Osaka pref and Kawanishi city of Hyogo pref, Japan), taken on Aug 17, 2013.

A fireworks festival is one of the most popular gathering opportunities. Authorized safe areas which are near a launch point are crowded with many couples dressed in “yukata”s, summer cotton kimonos. Many people go out to rooftops and pathways with a great view of fireworks and get together.

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Mt. Fuji, the new World Heritage

Mt. Fuji

On June 22, 2013, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO decided to add Mount Fuji to the list of cultural World Heritage sites.

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Treatment of Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks, Dokdo) in the San Francisco Peace Treaty

Treaty of San Francisco, Signed at San Francisco on September 8, 1951; came into force on April 28, 1952.

Chapter II. Territory

Article 2

(a) Japan recognizing the independence of Korea, renounces all right, title and claim to Korea, including the islands of Quelpart, Port Hamilton and Dagelet.

Quelpart is 済州島(Jeju-do). Port Hamilton is 巨文島 (Komundo). Dagelet is 鬱陵島 (Ulleungdo).

Therefore Japan didn’t renounce The Liancourt Rocks, also known as 竹島 (Takeshima) in Japanese and 独島 (Dokdo) in Korean and Japan has them.

Link Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, MOFA: [The Issue of Takeshima] 6. Treatment of Takeshima in the San Francisco Peace Treaty

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Waving sakura, cherry blossoms

Sakura, Japanese for “cherry blossoms”, have dynamic beauty as well as static beauty.

Many small flowers at sky where you can or may reach your hand are waving in spring breeze.

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